Motor starting and protection is a very important topic in industrial and even commercial applications. In fact pumps, ventilators, lifts and any other machine require an electrical motor to work. According to the application, different motor starting solutions can be chosen, such as electromechanical starters or AC Drives or Soft Starters. As a specialist in motor starting and protection LOVATO Electric is able to provide the right product for any kind of application.

Class objectives

At the end of the class the participants will be able to choose the best way to start, control and protect an electric motor and will be informed about the main technical advantages offered by the solutions of LOVATO Electric.

Who should attend

Commercial staff who wants to understand the benefits of the LOVATO Electric solution for the starting, the control and the protection of electric motors.


Basic knowledge of electric equipment.


  • the motor starting principles and typical requirements;
  • the Lovato solutions;
  • parameters setting (PID, curves, motor speed, torque,…);
  • installation, maintenance and wiring tips;
  • best practices;
  • practical exercises.

How to reach us (more info)




Scheduled date

24 September 2020 – CANCELLED


8 hours from 08:30 to 12:30 and
from 13:30 to 17:30


Lovato Academy
at Lovato Electric SpA,
Via Don E. Mazza, 12 – 24020
Gorle (BG) ITALY


Free of charge. Board and lodging are included.

Products shown:

  • motor protection circuit breakers;
  • contactors;
  • thermal overload relays;
  • electromechanical starters;
  • soft starters;
  • AC motor drives.