When inside an electrical panel the parameters of several loads have to be monitored, EASY BRANCH power monitoring system is a more efficient and simple alternative solution to install than the traditional one which requires an independent instrument for each measuring point. The electrical distribution panels in shopping centers or in the departments of a production facility represent ideal applications for EASY BRANCH system by
LOVATO Electric.

Webinar objectives

This webinar shows the most features of our new EASY BRANCH power monitoring system.

Who should attend

Technical and commercial staff who wants to ever be up to date with LOVATO Electric novelties and deeper the knowledge on energy management.




  • why implementing these new system?
  • EASY BRANCH power monitoring system: features and advantages
  • Q&A

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Session 1

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Date and time: Thursday, Jun 30, 2022 9:30 am | (UTC+02:00)

Session 2

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Claudio Lozza
Claudio LozzaProduct Specialist - LOVATO Electric




1 h


Free of charge.

Products shown:

Power analyzers with widescreen colour LCD

EASY BRANCH power monitoring system