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ATL Series – 01 Basic configuration

Video transcript

To ensure continuity of service downstream of an electrical panel, you can rely on the ATL Series automatic transfer switches. ATL series automatic transfer switches quickly switch the power supply from the mains line to a secondary line, either an alternative supply or a genset. Let’s take a look at the basic functions of this ATL600 mounted on a pre-wired ATP series panel. Here you will find it ready to switch between two 400-volt three-phase sources. From the general menu, enter the “Setup” menu. The nominal voltage is already set in item P02.01 to 400 volts, the wiring configuration is in item P02.06: “three-phase with neutral”. Immediately afterward, you can check the voltage control P02.07: “L-L” in this case, then the nominal frequency: “50 Hz”. To configure the choice of switching devices, enter the “changeover” menu. In this ATP electrical panel, which is supplied already assembled and ready to operate, parameter P05.07 is already configured by default as “Contactors”. When an ATL switch is purchased individually, it is configured as “Switches with impulse control”. Always remember to confirm your changes by pressing the “OFF” button several times! Once the configuration is completed, you can switch back to the automatic operations by pressing the AUT button.

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