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ATL Series – 02 Configuration of an ATL500 via NFC

Video transcript

With NFC technology, you can configure the ATL500 even when the device is switched off! Activate the NFC function in your smartphone’s settings and put it on the ATL switch. If you haven’t already installed the Lovato NFC app, a link to Google Play will instantly appear for download.

After downloading the app, updating the drivers, and restarting the device, put the smartphone back on the ATL500. The app will recognise the device, and you can start configuring it. Press “parameters” and enter the “general” menu to configure some typical functions. In P01.01, you can change the nominal voltage. In P01.03, the “wiring configuration”, is set by default as “three-phase with neutral”, and in P01.04, the voltage control is initially configured as “L-L + L-N”.

Let’s see how to change the parameters for a single-phase scenario. Press “nominal voltage” and change the parameter from 400 volts to 230 volts, then confirm with “Ok”. Under “Connection type” change the parameter to “L-1-N”, like this, and under “voltage control” look for the setting “L-N” in the drop-down menu. Then confirm. After you have completed the setting, press “Submit” at the bottom of the page, put the smartphone on the device, and wait for the confirmation message. That’s it!

Once the connection has been made, press the “AUT” button to return to AUTOMATIC operation and make the settings operational. As you can see from the LED, the ATL500 detects the voltage on Line 1 and closes the mains contactor!

Enjoy using it!

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