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ATL Series – 04 Communication settings

Video transcript

With the ATL610, and with the higher models of the same series such as the ATL900, you can remotely monitor the automatic mains switch, using optional expansions in conjunction with Synergy, LOVATO Electric’s energy monitoring software. Let’s see how to set up communication.

The most advanced model, ATL900, already has an RS485 communication port on board and has three further slots to accommodate, for example, the EXP1013 module for Ethernet connection, EXP1014 with Profibus interface, or further modules with additional inputs and outputs.

Connect the expansion modules with the device switched off. When you restart it, the added modules will be recognised automatically. Press the confirmation button to save the configuration.

To set the communication parameters, enter “Setup”, then go to the “Communications” menu using the arrows. Enter COM2, the one connected in this case to the Ethernet expansion port just connected. Here, you can change the serial node, set the IP address provided by the system administrator or set it to DHCP, subnet mask, and TCP-IP port.

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