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ATL Series – 05 How to use the dual auxiliary power supply

Video transcript

When you choose an ATL series mains switch with an AC power supply, it is advisable to use the ATLDPS1 device to swap the switch power supply between the main lines. This solution is useful when there is no UPS.

The ATLDPS1 also provides power to the switches and control devices within the power cabinet. Connecting it is simple: at the top, use the two terminals for the single-phase sources. Below this is the connection to the power inputs of the ATL610.

When there is no mains fault, the ATL610 switch keeps the line 1 LED on and the corresponding contactor closed. Consistently ATLDPS1 has the Line1 LED lit. If a primary mains failure occurs, the switch switches off and starts the genset.

When the genset supplies power, ATLDPS1 signals the availability of power on the second auxiliary line by lighting LED 2. At that point, the switch is energised again, thus closing the generator’s contactor.

The signal light on the ATL610 indicates that it has been closed.

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