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ATL Series – 06 Special functions

Video transcript

In addition to the most common functions, you can set several “special” functions on LOVATO Electric’s automatic transfer switches. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The first useful function is switching between two single-phase sources. Enter the “Setup” menu and then select menu 2: “General”. It switches from 400 volts to 230 volts. Now, scroll down to parameter P02.06 to change the wiring configuration… Changing it from ‘”three-phase with neutral” to “single-phase”. Lastly, change the voltage control from “L-L” ( linked voltage ) to “L-N” ( phase voltage ). Press the OFF button several times to save the parameters and restart the device.

Another useful function is the remote switching of the load on the secondary line, even when the primary line is available. This scenario is useful, for example, when you know in advance that line 1 will be switched off for a certain period due to system maintenance.

Digital input 5 is already assigned by default to the manual override function, which can always be executed from the front of the device with the MAN button. If you want to make sure the configuration is correct, go to the “Digital inputs” menu and check the assignments of the various inputs.

Enjoy using it!

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