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CONTACTORS BF series – 01 Assembly and disassembly of the BFX10… auxiliary contacts with front centre mounting

Video transcript

BF series contactors are available up to 150 A in AC3 and up to 165 A in AC1. It’s fast and easy to fit many accessories to the BF series. Let’s find out how together. To fit auxiliary contacts with the central latch on the BFX10… … mount the adapter, from bottom to top, like this. Then take the contacts and snap them into place in the opposite direction: from top to bottom. The central latching adapter is not needed for mechanical sizes 3 and 4 of the BF series. It’s easy to remove them. Use the upper lever to slide out the contact. If you want to also remove the adapter, help yourself with a flat blade screwdriver. Pry like this, push the adapter down, and that’s it!

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