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CONTACTORS BF series – 06 Installation of RF38 thermal relays

Video transcript

It is simple to directly fit RF-Series thermal relays on BF-Series contactors. Pay attention to this pin: make sure the screw of the place where it will go is unscrewed. Then tilt the relay slightly, push it towards the base of the contactor and make sure its feet engage securely. Like this. Then tighten all the screws.
If you do not need to connect the normally closed contact, you can remove the pin flush with the plastic, using small cutters. Then remove it by unscrewing the screws and tilt it like this to latch it. Fitting the thermal relay on the RFX38 04 adapter is ideal for DIN rail assembly: snap the independent RFX38 04 adapter to the thermal relay, like this, and then, once they are together, latch them to the DIN rail.

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