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GATEWAY DATA LOGGER EXCGLA01 – 01 How to perform energy monitoring

To perform energy monitoring simply and professionally, you can use a plug and play solution by LOVATO Electric. Let’s take a look at it together.

It consists of a gateway data logger EXCGLA01 and some field tools.

This device, designed for energy management data collection, is complete with an RS485 port and two Ethernet ports.

For example, you can connect a modular LCD multimeter, such as the DMG210, and a recessed LCD multimeter, like the DMG800, via its RS485 serial cable. You can also add them as RS485 networked instruments with Ethernet conversion, using the EXCCON01 converter. Or you can use an Ethernet cable to connect it directly to the EXCGLA01 gateway data logger, such as this DMG300 with EXM1013 expansion.

You can configure it in three simple steps:

  • the physical connection of the devices
  • the internal configuration of the devices, setting two simple parameters
  • access to the webserver via the datalogger gateway

Now we can analyse how to do it in detail. Watch the next videos.


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