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GATEWAY DATA LOGGER EXCGLA01 – 02 Energy monitoring scenario with measuring instruments networked over RS485

Video transcript

A typical monitoring scenario uses two or more instruments connected in a cascade configuration, such as in a switchboard or in a single work area. In this case, the connection to the gateway data logger EXCGLA01 is direct.

You can cascade the instruments to the gateway data logger terminal via an RS485 cable. Make an “in and out” for the two serial cables A and B and for the reference negative to connect the DIN-mounted DMG210, following this diagram. Also, extend the serial cable like this. For the last instrument in the network, in this case, a DMG800 panel mount, just connect the two serial cables A and B plus the reference negative. To terminate the network correctly, simply bridge cable A and TR, which stands for “termination resistance”, to add the network termination resistor.

To configure an instrument within an RS485 serial network, connected to the gateway data logger, simply press the menu button, select “setup” and your language in the “utility” field. In the “communication” field, configure the serial node number, like this, assigning a unique node to each instrument: in this example, we have selected 1.

Then you must select the baudrate parameter, such as 38400. Then press the menu button until the instrument restarts, to save the parameters.

It just takes a few steps to configure the DMG800, connected in a serial network via RS485 to the gateway data logger. Press menu, select the language by entering “setup” and then “utility”. In the “Communication” field, identify the installed communication port, “COM 1”, in this case connected to the EXP1012 expansion. Set the serial node number, like this, making sure you always assign a unique number: in this example, we have selected 2. You also have to select the baud rate: select 38400.

Finish the configuration by pressing the menu button until the device restarts.


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