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GATEWAY DATA LOGGER EXCGLA01 – 03 Energy monitoring scenario with networked RS485 measuring instruments with Ethernet conversion

Video transcript

When the instruments are connected in a network that is separate from the gateway data logger, you can connect them through the local network.

Starting from a network switch connected to the local network, you can connect to the EXCCON01 network converter using an Ethernet cable.

You can configure the EXCCON01 converter with a network cable directly connected to a computer. First, assign an IP address in the 192.168.127.x range to your PC, then go to the converter’s address in a web browser:, shown on the back of the converter itself, to access the configuration web server. The default password is “moxa”.

In “serial settings”, for port no. 2, set the baud rate to 38400, and the flow control to “none”. For the other parameters, leave the defaults. Press submit to save and restart.

Now it’s time to enter the “operating settings” menu, again for port 2. Set the “operation mode” to “TCP Client Mode”. You must specify the IP address of the gateway data logger EXCGLA01 in the fields that are shown: in this case it is The value of the TCP port must be 1000. Confirm with “submit” and then “save and restart”.

Then, under Network settings, set an IP address for the converter, making it compatible with the network within which the gateway data logger is located. Also, set the subnet mask. These parameters are specified by the local network operator. Then confirm with the “submit” button.

A double beep will warn you of the reboot.

Now you can connect the devices, through RS485 shielded twisted pairs. For the first instrument of the network, a DIN rail mounted DMG210, connect pairs A, B and the negative reference SG with an “in and out” connection. This connection must be used for all intermediate devices in the network.

The last instrument connected in this sample network is a panel mount DMG800, with an EXP1012 expansion for communication via RS485. Connect cables A, B, and the reference negative in single mode, as usual; since it is the last instrument in the network, bridge terminal A and terminal TR to correctly terminate the measuring network.


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