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GATEWAY DATA LOGGER EXCGLA01 – 04 Energy monitoring scenario with measuring instrument connected over Ethernet

Video transcript

Now let’s look at the typical case of measurement of quantities on board the machine, with a direct connection to the network switch, valid for one or more machines connected to the same network. In this example, we use a DIN rail instrument such as the DMG300, to which we add the EXM1013 Ethernet expansion, automatically connected to the instrument via an optical port.

Connect the network cable to the expansion port and switch. Now you can configure the instrument: press the menu button and configure your reference language under “Utilities”. Then enter the ” Setup” menu, enter COM 1, port dedicated to the EXM1013, and specify the serial node number: in this case 1. Select the Modbus protocol: it switches from the default setting Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP. The IP address can be left as the default if it can be assigned by the network via DHCP, or assigned as specified by the network administrator.

Also, change the client/server setting, which must be set to client mode. Lastly, in the Remote IP address field, specify the address assigned to the gateway data logger within the network. You must set the remote port to 1000, and also the set the IP address of the gateway to 0 by default if the network supports DHCP, or you can enter it manually according to the network operator’s instructions.

Press the menu button several times and the instrument will save the settings! That’s it!


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