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MOTOR PROTECTION CIRCUIT BREAKERS SM Series – 03 Assembly of the accessories

LOVATO Electric SM… series motor protection circuit breakers can be assembled with many and useful accessories: front, side and signaling auxiliary contacts, undervoltage trips and shunt trip releases. To simplify your work, follow these steps: the installation will take place in a moment.
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ACCESSORIES FOCUS #1 – Undervoltage trip releases with integrated normally open early make contact (SM1X15…P)

Designed for the protection and safety of machines, especially hazardous ones, LOVATO Electric undervoltage trip releases combine innovation with functionality.

Their main task is to open the motor protection circuit breakers when mains voltage fails, and hence prevent the motor from starting unexpectedly when power is restored. They are used primarily in small machines, in which motor control and stopping are handled exclusively by the motor protection circuit breakers.

Carefully designed for continuous service, the SM1X15…P undervoltage trip release is also ideal for opening motor protection circuit breakers when actuated by an emergency stop button or limit switch. The disconnector can be installed inside a wall mounted or flush-mounted plastic enclosure in the vicinity of the machine.

SM1X15…P undervoltage trip release have an another advantage over standard products: they have integrated normally open early make contacts.
This function means that whenever the motor starter is set to OFF, the coil is disconnected, which interrupts the consumption of power and its subsequent thermal dissipation. Another characteristic feature of the product is that it can be used to switch off power to other components connected in series to the undervoltage trip release coil (such as emergency stop buttons and limit switches).

4 part codes are available, depending on the coil voltage. The product is just 18mm wide, and mounts to the right side of the SM1P motor protection circuit breaker quickly and easily by just snapping it on. This accessory has an IP20 protection rating and is cULus and EAC approved.

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