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Motor Starting Configurator

The motor protection circuit breaker is one of many possibilities for starting and protecting the electric motor. LOVATO Electric has created a software, available both in desktop and app versions, to guide you in choosing the most suitable components for your motor starting, through easy drop-down menus and a user-friendly interface.

You can make the perfect start for your motor in just a few simple steps:

  • Set the motor nameplate data
  • Select the motor starting type: DOL, reversing contactor, delta-star, soft starter, VSD
  • Choose the right combination for command and protection
  • The Motor Starting Configurator will guide you through the choice of each component and its accessories, then it will generate a detailed list of product codes to order
  • You can also easily go to the technical data sheet of each product and share with other people the list of product codes to order.

The web version of the configurator is here.

The app on Google Play is here.

The app on App Store (Apple) is here.