PMVFUPS01 accumulates enough energy (200Ws) to correctly drive PMVF series interface protection, a BF or B series contactor by LOVATO Electric acting as an interface switch and the shunt release of the backup. The selection of the right contactor according to the AC3 power is suggested on PMVFUPS01 user’s manual. In case of third party devices should consider that it can deliver a peak power of up to 1kW (1.25kVA) for 200ms during the switching on of the interface protection and peak power during the closing of the interface switch. Normally the back-up coil must not be powered, since the resetting of the back-up device is manual by standards and therefore must not open in the event of a power failure, but only on explicit command (shunt release) of the interface protection. With the system connected, therefore, the total absorption of the PMVFUPS01 loads consists of the sum of the power absorbed by the interface protection and by the interface switch coil in service conditions. The value should not exceed 25VA, which guarantees good operation even in the most critical condition allowed by the standards consisting of repeated voltage dips lasting up to 5s, even if this case is unrealistic. In case of doubts we recommend the use of devices with low consumption coils (AC/DC). For higher values or for more coils in parallel due to the presence of two or three interface devices driven by the same protection, it is necessary to consult LOVATO Electric technical support for a specific analysis.


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