For more than 100 years, LOVATO Electric has been designing and manufacturing low voltage electrical devices for industrial applications. Founded in 1922 in Bergamo, Italy, LOVATO Electric is a privately owned company, and has been managed by the same family of entrepreneurs for 4 generations. Among the first Italian companies to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1992, LOVATO Electric has a range of over 18,000 products that comply with the strictest requirements of international standards. Motor protection circuit breakers, contactors, pushbuttons, switch disconnectors, limit switches, digital multimeters, energy meters, soft starters, AC motor drives, automatic power factor controllers and engine and generator controllers are just some of the products designed and built by LOVATO Electric. To provide competitive products and services in the industrial automation and energy management fields is our company’s “mission”. Our 15 branches abroad and a network of over 90 importers ensure the availability of Lovato Electric products in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Class objectives

This class aims to familiarize with the main products available on LOVATO Electric catalogue (range, selling points, applications), giving also the opportunity to visit the factory, appreciating our spirit and way of working.

Who Should Attend

Commercial and technical staff of distributors of LOVATO Electric which are dealing for the first time with the product range of LOVATO Electric final customers.




The Class consists of  many topics:

  • company presentation and tour of the factory;
  • control and signalling;
  • circuit protection and isolation ;
  • automation and control;
  • energy management;
  • motor control and protection;
  • overview of the whole catalogue.

How to reach us (more info)





June 2022, the 14th-15th.


16 hours (2 days)


at LOVATO Electric SpA,
Via Don E. Mazza, 12 – 24020
Gorle (BG) ITALY


Free of charge. Board and lodging are included.

Products shown:

The most important products in the catalogue.