In case of new software releases of the applications loaded in EXCGLA01, the upgrade files should be downloaded from in the product page. Run the following steps in sequence.

  1. Unzip the archive file and verify the presence of the following folder:
    a. “updateV1.0_V2.1” folder.
    2) Copy “src” and “Lovato” folders and 2 files in “updateV1.0_V2.1” folder to an empty USB memory; Attention: copy the “src” and “Lovato” folders and files only without “updateV1.0_V2.1” folder.
    3) Insert the memory into the USB port of EXCGLA01; EXCGLA01 generates some different acoustic signals (beeps), until three consecutive beeps (end of upgrade); the update process can take up to 15 minutes. Remove the USB memory and switch EXCGLA01 OFF and ON.
    4) Restart the browser on the PC; if the new application version is not shown (see below) at the bottom side of the page, press CTRL+F5 key combination to refresh the cache.

EXCGLA01 is ready with the new software version.

On USB memory a copy of the previous version is saved in “backup” folder, making it possible to restore EXCGLA01 at the point just before the upgrade operation.


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