Programming in simple and fast way, ideal solution for the programming of several time relays in series: you can program just one time relay and then copy the same programming on the others TMM1 NFC very quickly.
– Very high accuracy and precision in the time settings on the entire range (short and long scales), thanks to the setting in digital format.
– Repeatability of the settings: the programming downloaded in different TMM1 NFC is exactly the same identical, eliminating the risk of errors.
– Intuitive programming thanks to the graphical interface of the App which shows the diagram of the function that you are programming, without the need of the technical manual.
– Protection of the settings: possibility to protect the parameters configuration with a password, to prevent changes from unauthorized personnel.
– Flexibility: with NFC technology the number of the supported functions is not bound to the number of  positions of the potentiometer but depends to the
dimension of the memory, allowing to obtain a greater number functions.

Here are some useful tutorials that show ho to setup the TMM1NFC timer:

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to use the counter function via NFC on the time – TMM1NFC
VIDEO TUTORIAL: Setting function N “Hour counter” via NFC on the timer – TMM1NFC


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